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The web site that is committed to providing the most up-to-date tournament information offers a team fundraiser that guarantees an 80% profit. We know the necessity of raising money to cover team expenses is a task that requires hard work. Often the reward is not worth the time and effort, leaving coaches and parents frustrated.

Tournament Links fundraiser makes it so simple for teams to raise money while, at the same time, receiving products that promote your team spirit.

We have incorporated our new line of Team Bag Tags into a fundraising effort that will earn your team big profits in three easy steps.

  1. Obtain your Team Tags – just send us your logo and players’ names and numbers to be printed on the front side of your Bag Tags (see photo above right), along with $5 per Bag Tag.

  2. Acquire Sponsors – upon receiving your Team Tags, distribute them to the players.  They collect sponsors whose names will be printed on the reverse side of the Team Tag.  Players collect $25 per sponsor (80% – $20 from each sponsor goes directly to the team).

  3. Print Sponsors – after every player is finished collecting sponsors, return the Team Tags to Tournament Links in the pre-paid package, including the sponsor forms and payment ($5 per sponsor).  We will print the sponsor info on each Team Tag and return them to you for display on your bat and equipment bags (see photo at right).


How do we get started?   What is the time schedule?
To get started, please E-mail Us your graphic and player information.  We can give you a good estimate for printing at this time.  Normally we can get your printed Team Tags to you within a week.  Your team can choose a length of time for acquiring sponsors (this can vary, but a deadline is needed!).  Once you return the Team Tags with your sponsor information, we can print and return your Team Tags within a week.

Can coaches participate also?
Sure!  The Team Tags look great on equipment bags also.

Does the sponsor have to be a business?
No, the sponsor does not have to be a business.  Often a grandparent, other family member, or family friend will be sponsors.  In this case, they can choose what they want printed on the Team Tag.  Example:  “Go…Blue Jays!”

What if we don’t have a logo?
Tournament Links is very flexible – we can work with you to develop a Team Tag that features your team name and character.

How many sponsors will fit on the Team Tag?
Generally we can fit 5 sponsors on the reverse side of your Team Tag.  If a player obtains more than 5 sponsors, we will provide an additional Team Tag for FREE.

Why do we have to return the Team Tags to Tournament Links for sponsor printing?  Can we get the sponsors first?
We have found that the players have an easier time “selling” to sponsors when they have the actual Team Tag with them.  The sponsors can see where their names will be printed on the back side, and they can also see the quality and sturdiness of the Team Tags.  There is no expense to the team for returning the Tags, since a postage-paid box is included with your original shipment of Team Tags.  However, if you choose to find your sponsors first, that is fine also!

Is sales tax charged for the Team Tags?
If your team has a tax-exempt number, please supply it when ordering.  Otherwise sales tax is charged for the purchase of the Team Tags only.  No sales tax is added for the printing of your sponsors.

Should sponsors make out checks payable to Tournament Links?
NO – all checks should be made out to the team.  One team check should be submitted when the sponsor forms and Team Tags are returned to Tournament Links for printing.

Any other suggestions?
If your team has a web site, you can list your sponsors on it.  Mentioning this to potential sponsors is an added incentive for them to support your team.